Pierre Latteur

Civil Engineer

Civil engineer and doctor in applied sciences, Pierre Latteur has been a Professor at the Louvain School of Engineering since 2013, leading the Civil Engineering Group since 2015 (Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium). Beforehand, he has more than 15 years of experience working as a structural engineer, in particular at Technum-Tractebel Engineering Brussels, as head of the structural engineering group. His dual industrial and academic career has allowed him to gain practical experience on a wide variety of projects: high-rise buildings, architectural structures, footbridges, industrial and nuclear structures. His research focuses on the optimization of structures, on tensegrity structures, on timber structures, and on the robonumerization of the construction processes. Pierre is a forerunner in the field of construction with high-payload drones1. In 2016, his team became the first to lead a successful experiment that consisted of assembling a concrete wall with a drone. He is a class 1 drone pilot and created the dronezone of the UCLouvain (Belgium). He teaches mechanics of structures, stability of structures, timber structures, construction processes and various design challenges.


1 Goessens S., Müeller C., Latteur P., “Feasibility study for drone-based masonry construction of real-scale structures”, Automation in Construction International Journal 94 (2018), 458-480.

Shameel Muhammed joined MUDD Architects in 2018 as a Research and Development collaborator and represents the company in Dubai – UAE.

Shameel Muhammed is an architect and an educator with a research focus on digital fabrication and robotic construction. He is also interested in novel design workflows that could improve efficiency and performance of the built structure. He holds an M.Arch degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Design Research Laboratory of AA School of Architecture, London. His work experience spans several practices from UK, UAE and India, including Zaha Hadid Architects – London. 

Shameel has an extensive experience in academia. He has been associated with various design workshops, both at regional and at international platforms such as AAVS DXB ‘Expo City’ - Dubai and Aggregate at GCPIA - India, ‘Collaborative and engaged practice’ at Sharjah Art Foundation and ‘Future Earthen Shells’ at Boisbuchet – France etc, to name a few. His works have been exhibited at various forums in the Middle East and UK. Currently Shameel is teaching at Heriot Watt University Dubai where he leads the second year architecture program.


Fabio Gatti

Architect from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) since 2006.


University Master's Degree in Technology for Architecture, from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) since 2012.


Currently, a PhD researcher in Technology of Architecture of the UPC, where he develops his thesis on earth building techniques applied to contemporary architecture in seismic territory.


He is passionate about issues of technological innovation and materials with low environmental impact.