İrem Metin

Architect Intern

İrem Metin graduated from Anatolian High School in 2016 with a second degree. Currently, she is a 4rd-grade architecture student at Mef University Art Design and Architecture Faculty in İstanbul. When she studying she won different awards such as Domaine de Boisbuchet Residency Award in France, MSHM Architecture Student Award, Mimed 2019/ 2020 Architecture Student Projects Awards, A/Z International Awards... In the 2019 summer, she started working Design and Build summer internship in Cyprus with the Fada DBS team. In the 2020 summer, she worked in two different offices, first one was the London base office Hue Design Lab and second one is construction office Kavis Yapı. In addition, she works in the school as a teacher assistant with different lectures. Currently, she is continuing education as a high honor architecture student.