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A Conversation Between Light, Technology and Design


In this 56th edition of CasaDecor, which will be held from 13 May to 27 June, Simon presents the ‘D.Lights’space, conceptualised by international interior designer Stephanie Chaltiel, of MuDD architects, with participation from ProtoPixel as a technological partner.

With this edition, the firm wanted to join forces with Stephanie Chaltiel, who is recognised for her experimentation with new forms of building and inhabiting spaces that introduce nature into the city. Chaltiel combines artisan and sustainable building practices with current technological advances, such as using drones in construction.

D.Lights is a shell made of recycled thread, made by Gavipunt using a 3D knitting technology with a Shima Seiki Spain machine. It is home to a narrative where light, technology and sound form a choreography to create a space within a space, where our perception of the environment radically changes.

An interactive choreography

The work is an immersive experience where the spectator is also part of the conversation with the space. The drones from Bocs I drons, whose inner programming is a relatively new technology, fly over this thread shell, which is made of 2 arches that surround visitors and give way to a choreography linked with the lighting elements that are integrated inside. The changing colours of the light integrated in the fabric, which are synchronised with the sounds of nature, submerge the visitor in a forest.

In this way, D.Lights explores the close relationship between new lightweight technologies and the ongoing desire for closeness to nature in indoor spaces.

With this project, Simon also hopes to touch on matters raised by new challenges, understanding that architectural and liveable space should have a fundamental role in this new social formula. Climate change forces us to reinvent construction methods and look for new materials that address the environmental emergency our ecosystem is currently facing.


Project Name:



Casa Decor 2021, Madrid, SPAIN


Interior Design


18 m²




MuDD Architects

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