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Buy your Own Drone spray for Facade painting, Insulation, Mortar finishing and vertical gardens

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This spraying drone has been developed by MuDD Architects and is able to carry 100 kgs.

The drone itself weighs 8 kgs and the wings can be folded for easy transport.

The hole in the middle allows to drone spray ceilings.

Any kind of pump machine hoze can be fitted underneath the drone.

Applications include waterproofing, insulaton spraying, mortar spraying and vertical garden mixes with seeds projection.

Furthermore it can aslo be used for facade cleaning of large surfaces, towers or skyscrapers.

The drone can spray up to 30 m high and can also be fitted onto a cherry picker which allows even higher surfaces to be coated with the drone.

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You can get in touch today to get yours.

The time of fabriaction and shipping is in between 1 month to 3 months depending on the characteritics you're looking for.

We have the possibililty to deliver a model where the helixes are protected to increase safety on site.

The drone is delivered with an option of training which lasts approximately 3 to 4 days with a professional pilot.

In Europe to get the full licence one needs to allow approximately 1500 euros and about 1 month.

Anywhere in the world it is possible to use drone spray technology in construction while working within a netted space. 

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