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Flowers Festival

Beds of flowers in the sky proposes an experience where nature and visitors become interconnected  with all senses, touch, smell, sound and palette of colours in constantly evolving geometry.Beds of moss shaped in small delicate hills are placed underneath an inverted landscape of flowers, grass, little shells and little fireflies lights.From different points of the courtyard arches small rivers of flowers pour towards the moss Beds, creating non regular paths where visitors feel they found the bed of flowers by chance.The hilly landscape of moss Beds invite people to lay down or seat to experience the floating nature where some grown flowers and seeds to open soon all from andaluzia offers meditation coloured flowers clouds.The agents are activated according to a choreography change change everyday where sounds of inverted landscape, lights, smells are activated at different moments and different intensities.Mini winds along the strings of flowers are activated according to some melodies creating a merging environment where all senses react to this artificial/spontaneous pieces of imaginary geographies in constant metamorphosis.

Project Name:

Beds of flowers in the sky


Public Installation Design




MuDD Architects

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