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Prima Spremitura

Tili Wine Italy Guest Homes

The new luxurious eco lodges at Tili Vini called Prima Spremitura use local clay as a main construction material. Each unit of the glamping archipelagos are organized within a terrace island where 2 or 3 volumes offer intimacy, and unique experience to the guests.The technique used is sprayed clay mortar on fabric and some units are just left with lycra fabric. All modules have a pre tensed bamboo frame giving the ´coccon´a very organic aspect. The light is filtered subtly through the multitude of green fixed windows.The top of the shells are left free and protected from the rain with the large canopies.The shells are fitted with design light metallic frames allowing the vines to climb on it. A central island offers a wine degustation space for all the guests where a leitmotif of the water paths and streams brings a relaxing sound and recalls the beauty of cultivating the vineyards.The tactality of the earthen mortars on the smooth shells' skins reminds of the soil scrality to grow grapes, olives and other marvelous fruits. The shells are also in shape of the wine decanter that were traditionally in ceramics

Project Name:

Prima Spremitura




Boutique Winery and Guest House Design Project


On going


MuDD Architects

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