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Senegal Secondary School

Terres d’Etoiles

‘Terres d’etoiles’ is a school project which architecture aims at reflecting on positive social interactions, shedding a light on the beauty of local materials and traditions using new technologies.The architecture project aims at being a social project too where the younger generations can learn new technologies of robotics and construction with the power to revive and make possible the beauty of unbaked materials and very traditional methods and revisited aesthetics.


The architecture and its edifications combine local earth, sands and fibres with drone spraying technology on stay in place fabric formwork. A large smooth canopy with soft curves covers diverse smaller volumes creating diversity of ‘In between’ spaces. All structures are independent for ease of construction, to facilitate a flexible construction phasing and to have a maximum natural ventilation. The classrooms are built as an archipelago of small independent volumes built with moucharabiehs placement of adobe bricks dried in the sun. For an increased freedom of moucharabieh design we propose to use and transmit knowledge of HoloLens where workers can place the blocks as they see it in the 3d image.


The large stay in place fabric formwork uses 3d knitting technology where the local patterns of clothing are interpreted into a large bespoke, programmed fabric from work to be coated on the upper side with earthen mixes. The fabric formwork is tensed over bamboo or curved rib bars and posts structures depending on what will suit the overall budget. The earthen mixes for the coating of the large canopy contain lime powder and linen oils that can be renewed with the drone spraying technology everything as a crowd gathering event. The white coating helps keeping the school cool even when temperatures rise. It is as well a design choice to contrast with the natural clay colour of the class rooms and offices. The foundations underneath the brick’s volumes will be made of 1 row of concrete blocks

Project Name:

Senegal Secondary School / Terres d'Etoiles


Kafountine, Senegal, West Africa


School Design, Competition




MuDD Architects

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