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The mini cabana is to be assembled by kids and can be used as a toy or a birds house. With the cabana, you can support your child to develop their imagination. The toy is made out of pine wood with non-toxic finishing touches, non coloring and nonchemical that ensure safety for your child and it is made out with traditional fabrication techniques.

Material: Pinewood

Color: Raw wood, no color, no chemical coating

Ages: 3+

Product Dimensions: Length: 20cm x Width:12cm x Height: 20cm

Weight: 1 lb

Category: Toys

Design and production by MuDD Architects

Photos by Sil Romero

Thank you for visiting our website, enjoy our handmade wooden mini cabana toy!

Cabañas Mudd-104_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-8_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-56_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-93_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-84_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-29_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-95_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-71_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-1_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-3_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-42_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-109_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-77_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-57_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-47_websize.jpg
Cabañas Mudd-73_websize.jpg
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